Thank you for visiting our store. At this time, ASTRO primarily serves the cities of Central Falls (CF) and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. At one time, this area was the largest producer of thread in the entire world. 

Today, the majority of the clothes we wear and the products we buy are made oversees. The cheap manufacturing labor we outsource oversees helps large clothing corporations gain huge revenues while providing unsafe working conditions for their laborers. At the same time, CF and Pawtucket have some of the highest unemployment rates in our state. In addition, the cotton that is grown to make a lot of the clothes we wear is heavily sprayed with pesticides that are polluting the farm lands and surrounding areas.

ASTRO apparel is 100% made in the USA from organic cotton and rPET recycled polyester (made from post consumed plastic bottles). While we currently outsource the production of our clothes to manufacturers in NY, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, it is our goal to one day bring thread and clothing manufacturing jobs back to CF and Pawtucket by opening our own manufacturing plant.

100% of the proceeds from every sale on our store goes to ASTROcurricular programs that help to make our community more resilient.